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Welcome to the Reiki Centre, Singapore

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The Reiki Centre specializes in teaching Reiki, known for its ability to restore balance on all levels; physical, mental and emotional. Reiki is an energy therapy that works with the body’s own remarkable healing capabilities and is very easy to learn.  Look at the schedule



workshopFree Reiki Talks

Experience Reiki in our fun and informative regular talks! Our Teachers will help you understand more deeply what Reiki is, how it can benefit you, as well as give you a practical experience of Reiki through an attunement and mini-healing.   Find out more and Reserve your seat.



reiki group Reiki Groups

These sessions will bliss you out and give you an experience of what Reiki can do for you, it includes a Reiki attunement and group healing. Open to complete beginners as well as those looking for a Reiki community.   Find out more and Reserve your seat.