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Welcome to the Reiki Centre, Singapore

Meditationfnl_facebook_logo The Reiki Centre specializes in teaching Reiki, known for its ability to restore balance on all levels; physical, mental and emotional.  We provide all levels of Reiki training, as well as Reiki healing, and community sharing groups. We also conduct yoga, meditation, and self-awareness workshops, helping people get back in touch with their inner peace and happiness.



Reiki is an energy therapy that works with the body’s own remarkable healing capabilities. It helps to promote and accelerate the natural healing process and restore balance on all levels, physical, mental and emotional.  At the Reiki Centre we provide all levels of classes from beginners to Teacher training.

Come and try Reiki with these four invitations:

1. Come to one of our Free Reiki Talks. Experience Reiki in our fun and informative monthly talks! Our Teachers will help you understand more deeply what Reiki is, how it can benefit you, as well as give you a practical experience of Reiki through an attunement and mini-healing.   Find out more and Reserve your seat.

2. Attend a Reiki Group Healing. These sessions will bliss you out and give you an experience of what Reiki can do for you, it includes a Reiki attunement, meditation and group healing.  Weekly on Tuesday, 12noon-1.30pmFind out more and Reserve your seat.elaine reiki

3. Book a Personal Reiki Healing session. Get a balancing treatment to help you de-stress, re-balance and re-invigorate!  Check the Calender for Appointment times and more details.

4. Learn Reiki for yourself! The best thing to do of course is to empower yourself with this amazing self-healing energy.  It is very simple to learn and anyone can do it!  Start with the comprehensive Reiki 1 Workshop to begin healing yourself and loved ones.  Find out more and make a Booking.

Did You Know?

– 87% of people noticed more peace after Reiki Reiki self-healing neck – 80% noticed more happiness – 80% experienced less stress According to the Reiki Centre Survey carried out in March 2010, Reiki is overwhelming successful for increasing positive mental states.  Read more about this survey here.

Reiki Benefits: – Enables you to take responsibility for your own health and well-being – Dramatically reduces stress and anxiety – Increases energy and vitality – Gives a sense of peace and calm – Effectively treats a wide range of ailments and disease – Provides a ‘first aid kit’ in the palm of your hands. More about Reiki here

Home Study Reiki Courses

homestudyCan’t find time to attend a class at the Centre?  Looking for an online Reiki class that allows you to learn at your own pace?  Our Home Study Reiki Level 1 may be the answer! Click here to find out more.

Buy the Book!

Cover_pure and simpleWritten clearly, thoughtfully and practically, Reiki, Pure and Simple is the ideal book for those looking for a straightforward, all-round introduction to Reiki.   As well as explaining how Reiki works, how to best use it, and what benefits to expect, Elaine also takes you through the remarkable healing journey of many other practitioners and clients, presenting quantitative data and key findings gleaned from an international Reiki survey carried out in 2010.

Click here to purchase or download.